“Learning Beyond the Walls: School Excursion Expands Classes 8 and 9’s Knowledge of their Country’s History and Culture”

The students of classes 8 and 9 were in for an exciting adventure on March 3, 2023, as they embarked on an educational excursion organized by their teachers, Mr. Kumar Narayan Shrestha and Ms. Sushma Shrestha, along with the school counselor, Mr. Sanjay Shrestha.

The excursion had a packed itinerary, with the students visiting several historic and culturally significant places in and around Bhaktapur. The first stop on their journey was Kamal Binayak, a renowned temple in the city. The students were enthralled to witness the religious rituals performed at the temple and learned about its significance in Nepali culture.

From there, the students proceeded to Chyamasingh, a small town situated in Bhaktapur. They explored the local markets and tried out some of the popular street food, such as samosas, juices, and the famous Juju Dhau curd made from buffalo milk. The students were excited to sample the local cuisine and relished the unique flavors of the food.

The students then headed to Siddha Pokhari, a serene lake located in Bhaktapur. Here, they were captivated by the tranquility of the surroundings and learned about the history and cultural importance of the lake.


The final stop on the excursion was the Durbar Square Museum, also located in Bhaktapur. The museum showcased exhibits and artifacts that highlighted the rich history and cultural traditions of Nepal. The students were fascinated by the ancient customs, traditions, and art forms of Nepal, which were showcased at the museum.

Throughout the excursion, the students also had the opportunity to sample some delicious local delicacies such as kaju kulfi, a sweet dessert made from cashews. The students thoroughly enjoyed the excursion, and it was a great learning experience for them.

In conclusion, the school excursion was a great success, and the students gained valuable insights into the country’s history and culture. The teachers and counselor did an excellent job of organizing the excursion and providing a safe and educational experience for the students. It was a day that the students would always remember and cherish.

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